From Grit to Glamour: Our Model Guest Room Facility for Hotel Clients

Picture yourself walking through a gritty manufacturing neighborhood and then entering a huge gunmetal gray warehouse complex with concrete floors and massive support columns. You open an unassuming door and surprisingly, find yourself in a fully furnished 5-star luxury hotel suite. A gentle touch of the switch plate dramatically lights the room and slides open the window drapes.

You have just entered The CHS Group’s model guest room facility where we construct and host model rooms for boutique and national brand hotel clients.

CHS has had some of the most seasoned names in the hotel industry walk out of our freight elevator, through a construction door into a fully finished corridor, then use an actual card key to open a guest room. They step in and exclaim “Wow!” to the luxury of a beautifully designed and fabricated room in the midst of the industrial setting of a warehouse.

Either the client chooses to build the most typical guest room in order to capture as many design elements as possible or a room type that has numerous challenges due to a particular configuration. The physical process begins with marking up the concrete floor in our warehouse according to the architect’s plans for the room. Then a plywood platform is built to mimic the actual room footprint. Typically, the corridor leading to the room is built to exact specifications as well. This has been helpful in circumventing any problems with actual furniture delivery and placement into the guest rooms.

While all clients choose the room’s finished selections (carpet, wall covering, paint, furniture, art, bathroom tile, etc.), some clients prefer to also have a fully functioning space that incorporates behind the scenes construction such as HVAC systems, plumbing rough-ins (sans running water), etc. This can facilitate adjusting and revising any problematic issues. CHS works closely with the client’s team of architects, designers, project managers and purchasing agents to value engineer and foresee any potential concerns.

CHS has designed and fabricated light boxes at each window to emulate natural daylight as seen through standard window sheers. More complex treatment can include custom screen printed views.

CHS signs a confidentiality agreement for every model room along with securing and locking every room. Use of photography is not permitted unless by agreement with the owner. Model rooms are deconstructed at the close of the project when every aspect is completed and approved.

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